Lingual Braces

These are metal braces which are placed on the inside surfaces of the teeth and therefore cannot be seen when smiling or opening the mouth. Treatment time using Lingual Braces is approximately the same as when using Damon Braces or Delta Force braces. Here again treatment is accomplished without extraction of teeth except in some very rare clinical situations. There are certain cases where wisdom teeth have not erupted and inhibit the orthodontic development of teeth and jaws to proper shape and form. In these cases it is sometimes expedient to have the offending wisdom teeth removed.



Lingual Braces can also sometimes be used on the inside of upper and lower front teeth when all that is required is to correct the appearance of the front teeth. Correction of the front teeth can be achieved in as little as 8 weeks and the costs are very low compared to other methods of orthodontics, which take longer. Social 6 lingual braces are used for treating the front teeth and achieve an excellent appearance in a short time, with no braces showing on the outside of the teeth.


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