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Healthy gums. Healthy Smile.

A beautiful smile is based upon healthy teeth and gums and indeed it would be unwise to spend money on expensive treatments if our hygienist does not first deal with any underlying gum disease.

Our very experienced hygienist is a vitally important part of our dental team, providing excellent care of the gums and instruction in the daily care of the mouth. You will find a visit to our hygienist a comfortable and rewarding experience.

Tackling gum disease

Visiting our hygienist, who carefully cleans both teeth and gums, can rapidly halt the spread of gum disease. She also takes time to ensure that you are fully instructed in the care of your own mouth by teaching you an effective daily cleaning routine.

Modern hygiene techniques using the latest equipment and whitening aids enable our hygienist to thoroughly clean teeth and achieve the lightest and brightest possible tooth colour. You will be amazed how dark teeth can respond so well to modern cleaning and many of our patients who have requested in house whitening find that they achieve a brilliant result purely by attending our hygienist.

Electric and ultra sonic toothbrushes, used correctly, can maintain perfect health and colour of teeth and gums, but only if used properly. She will demonstrate to you how this can be achieved.

There are many patients who are blessed with a naturally beautiful mouth. These fortunate people require nothing more than a routine dental examination and a regular visit to the hygienist to ensure a beautiful and healthy smile for life.

If your regular dentist does not employ a hygienist and you would like to have your teeth cleaned by our highly qualified hygienist, just ask and we will be happy to provide this service for you. If you wish, all other routine treatment can be dealt with by your regular dentist.

Bad Breath

Bad breath or halitosis can be a curse. But we now know that ninety percent of bad breath is caused by problems in the teeth and by gum disease. It is the bacteria that live on the teeth, the gums and the tongue producing sulphur compounds that cause bad breath. This means that by restoring the mouth to perfect health and cleanliness and with proper instruction about regular mouth hygiene, most cases of halitosis can be completely cured.

Any residual traces of contamination can be removed by the use of our specialised range of toothpastes and mouthwashes.

Bad breath can be caused by wearing removable dentures, by faulty fillings and by crowded teeth. In fact any area in the mouth that is difficult to reach and therefore does not get properly cleaned will be harbouring halitosis causing organisms. By treating these conditions appropriately we almost always succeed in solving the problem.


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